Hand made

Hand made

Our tools are the hands, with which we mold the materials to create the products we offer. We always put people in the center and choose workshops where they work with calm and pleasure.

Why do we prefer handmade products over mass production

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In opposition to the mass production system, with its enormous amount of waste and polluting processes, there is a movement in the world of fashion that rescues the authenticity of artisan work, the confidence that the passage of time offers and the dedication for each garment. It is the slow fashion that exists as a vindication against the evil that fast fashion produces.

Libertad Avenue joins without hesitation to this form of production where the people who make our footwear and accessories with their hands have faces and have names, receive a fair payment for their work and dedicate themselves with love to making that product that someone else, later , will love and dress or use to transport their things on the bike.

Another advantage of this artisan production process is that the work done by hand allows greater control over the quality and finishes of each product.

We chose a manufacturing method made by and for human beings, where at the end of the process each Libertad Avenue user will have a garment made with all the care, which will last for many years and which they can repair or modify as many times as they want. It is the advantage of working with our hands and in workshops where it there is calm and pleasure.

Our hands in Alicante, Spain

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